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  • Cinderella (1914) - Plot Summary - Silent film starring Mary Pickford. The classic fairy tale of Cinderella, dressed in rags, and badly treated by her wicked Stepmother and two meanie Stepsisters - they even keep poor Cinderella from going to the ball held by Prince Charming (Owen Moore, Mary Pickford's husband in real life when this was filmed), who is looking for a wife. Luckily Cinderella has a fairy godmother to help her out.

    Review - This was much better than I was actually expecting. I must say, I really like the way they did this film - it has a real magical "fairyish" feel to it, with pretty young girls as dancing wood nymphs, a wizard and his strange dwarf helpers (dancing and chanting in a circle) and lots of interesting special effects for the day. Some split-screen photography, plus lots of stop-motion camerawork to make characters appear and disappear. This film features the two UGLIEST step-sisters possible (with fake weird noses glued on, I believe) and the most handsome of handsome man to play Prince Charming - hurrah for that! The Milestone DVD includes a really terrific music score by Donald Sosin that really enhances the film. The tinted print of this is fairly faded, but I did really enjoy this. Rating - * 8.5 to 9/10 stars *

    Director: James Kirkwood
    Film Genre: Fantasy
    Film Runtime: 52 minutes

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