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  • The Red Lily (1924) - Plot Summary - Emotional tale which starts in a small village in Brittany where lives a young couple, Jean (played by Ramon Novarro) and Marise (Enid Bennett), childhood sweethearts who are torn apart when her father dies suddenly. Impoverished and alone, she must go to live with her next of kin - a poor and unfriendly family including drunken husband, haggardly wife, and lot of dirty, small children. The man, a raging hothead, chases after the poor girl, almost with gleeful evil, with a whip 'til she runs off seeking refuge in her old, abandoned home. Luckily her handsome beau loves her and takes her away to start a new life together in Paris. Unfortunately, through circumstances, they are separated and can't find each other - and thus follows the story of life and what happens to each of them in the big, bad, crime-ridden city.

    Review - An emotionally charged film throughout, brightly tinted in part with shades of browns, reds, and oranges, and with striking photography in places, especially noticeable the interesting shots taken into and out through windows and such. The music score that accompanies this film is really excellent, completely suits the mood of the story, and, I thought, enhanced the film. The acting is well-done - actress Enid Bennett reminded me, both in appearance and acting style, of Lillian Gish. Of course, Ramon Novarro looks very, very handsome, as usual, and Wallace Beery appears as his usual smarmy self. This is a terrific silent film, I loved it. Rating - * 10/10 stars *

    Director: Fred Niblo
    Film Genre: Romantic Melodrama
    Film Runtime: 81 minutes

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